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The National Policy of Children, 1974, declared children to be a “Supreme National Asset”. Children are most precious asset of our country. As they cannot protect themselves, it becomes our responsibility to look after their safety. Unfortunately, dangerous incidents occurs in the world at an alarming rate every day. According to National Crime Bureau Nearly 58,000 students [Approx. 165 students every day] go missing in India every year. In this situation Smart Education Solution is providing best “Student Arriving and Student Leaving Safety Message System” for schools.

International Technology Now at Your Town!

Smart Education Solution are here with our technology innovations. Smart Education Solution provides a wide set of RFID Based Solutions that uses communication via radio waves. Smart Education Solution is a unique programmer designed first time in India with latest technology like GPS, GPRS, Radio –frequency identification, VSAT and Wireless Satellite Technology for children’s safety. It is fully equipped with GPS and Satellite Technology which can be operated from any part of the world and no virus can attack it. Our primary focus lies on using this technology as an innovative and effective solution for tracking. RFID School Attendance System is designed specially to monitor student ridership in a safe and intrusive way.

Our module for school is designed and created for a complete safety of Students across India to locate them every time they enter/exit school marking Auto-Attendance; and to inform parents instantly about the same with the exact time of arrival/ departure through an integrated Mobile SMS< thus building a bridge between the School and the Students’ Parents.

Need of Smart Attendance Solution?

Today most of parents are worried whether their child has reached the school or left the school in time and safely?

In this modern era, most of the families have both the parents working and they have busy schedule starting from morning till late in the evening. Due to these busy schedules parents are not able to get the information about their child. Now they need not worry about it anymore.

This system will reduce the tension of parents and build a good relation between school and parent. They can trust that the school is serious about their smart Attendance and security. 

Smart Education Solution Student Arriving and Student Leaving Safety Message Service System is prepared with a high end technology. Here Radio Identified Frequency [RFID] and Telecommunication Technology [WWAN] is used.

In this technology each student is given an ID Card with a chip in which all details of the Student is stored. This card is just like an ordinary card which a student has to wear in the neck. When the Student enters the school he/she has to show it on the system. As soon as the card is shown on the system, the parent will receive the message on their Mobile Phones, ” Mummy, Daddy I am in the school now.” Similarly as soon as the student leaves the school the message will be given, “The school is over and I shall be home in few minutes.”

Market Leader


Smart Education Solution is based on complete Indo German Technology and all the devices are design in India. In India many companies are providing cheap low class Chinese Biometric products and try to implement such type of products but all the products are complete failure in educational sector.

For unhealthy competition, some vendors are trying to complete the requirement to low quality hardware’s and software’s but we suggest you that please beware from all those products and companies.

We have the largest student enrollment in our database across India and also have largest hardware implementation in the India.

Our all products are manufactured in India and all devices are made with highest quality testing. Each device passes through 11 hard quality testing. All the devices comes with standard warranty and all the devices are repairable in India after warranty.

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