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Huge Repository of Interactive Content

Smart Education ICT contains huge repository of interactive content to make the process of teaching and learning more interesting.
The content has been carefully designed to reap the best possible benefits of the latest technology, and works best with interactive boards.

High Definition 3D Animation Content

As a part of Multi- Sensory approach, our content is composed of High Definition 3D modules, which have been tailor made to suit the student’s requirement, 3D content with its depth perception promotes better level of understanding in the students.
All the Major topics of all the subject s have been developed through this technology.  High Definition Animated content for Classes K-12 for Schools. Our Educational content is based on the theme of Multi РSensory Learning and has been officially approved by CBSE Board Delhi.

Robust Assessment Software

Smart Education ICT contains a robust assessment software security aligned to the curriculum based content and is tailor made for Indian schools.


  • Question bank of over 1 Lakh Questions.
  • Extensive studey material
  • GK/IQ based test for NTSE/ Olymipiads.
  • Works both offline and online.
  • Full length Test Series for competitive examinations.
  • Complete test analysis and feedback report.

Host of e-Learning Applications

We believe in exploiting technology for the use of students. The content include host of LATEST e-Learning applications that facilitates better learning in the students.


  • Dictionary Application
  • Translator Application
  • Wikipedia Application
  • Electronic map work
  • Problem solver Application

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